Farm & Ranchers Insurance

Robust Financial and Insurance Services has FLEXIBLE insurance options available for farm operators and ranchers with agricultural activities. With our EXCLUSIVE farm program we can extend replacement cost coverage to your farm dwelling, the land, and business property such as farming TRACTORS and harvesting equipment. Additional structures and farm buildings will also be INCLUDED or endorsed in your packaged policy.

My Business is a Farm, What Should I Get Coverage For?

Generally, the best approach is to identify EXACTLY what type of farm use that will be most frequent and examine the exposures or risk that are involved.

Below are a list of farming coverages that we work diligently to insure on a DAILY basis. You can add these type of coverages as your farm activities increase.

Farm Homeowners - coverage that is available for a farmer that will RESIDE on the property and owns the dwelling that is on farm. You will be able include replacement cost coverage on dwelling, while including personal property, other structures, and loss of use that will provide coverage in the event your home is not livable due to a COVERED peril.

Farm Property(Not Owner-Occupied)- if you have a farm property, but do NOT reside on premises, Robust Financial can FIND a policy for an affordable rate. Coverage typically includes replacement cost coverage on property, and loss of rents from property for losses that occur where home is not livable for your TENANT.

Farming & Land Liability- you will want to have liability coverage on your farm or ranch for visitors that are on your premises and SUSTAIN an injury or their property gets damage due to your farming operations. Farming or land liability DOES protect you with medical expenses, legal defense cost, and personal injury, such as “pain and suffering” to the limits on your policy. In most cases, our agents will be able to INCLUDE liability insurance in a package policy option- Saving you time and money by bundling!

Livestock- provides coverage for your animals if they are killed or injured as a result of a covered peril. Robust Financial can offer broad coverage as we know livestock is an essential ASPECT of your overall farming operation.

Equipment Breakdown- Farm equipment can breakdown at ANY interval during farming activities. It is inevitable that breakdown WILL occur, not to mention highly UNPREDICATABLE in that occurrence. The number one issue is that most farms have ABSOLUTELY NO coverage in place to protect against these losses. We can customize primary policies to endorse this vital coverage on it, giving you the safe guard against mechanical breakdown, electrical surging/short circuits, boiler overheating, and centrifugal force to all farming business equipment!

Speak with a licensed insurance agent from Robust Financial today to obtain the best insurance SOLUTION for all your farming endeavors. We look forward to helping your business get the coverage it needs to protect your bottom-line.

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